Lead Pastor

Pastor Glen is someone you could call "solid". He really "gets it". His heart for the community and ability to follow through with passion to serve is something truly invaluable. You'll find him out in the field, meeting with people, serving others, making hospital visits, treating people to a meal, literally being the hands and feet of Jesus, rather than in an office for hours on end. He's got the gift of encouragement and he preaches on what the bible says. He understands that the people who need Jesus the most are not the ones stepping through the doors of the church, but rather he sees them as "pre-Christian"- people that he can go and love outside of the church, and encourage, and speak life into. Pastor Glen is married to the wonderful Janet Hanson. They've got 3 kids in which they are very proud of: Kaitlyn, Emily, and Isaac. Like Zach, he is also an open book and his phone always on and available to those who need a good word, a prayer, or anything else. His years of experience in ministry and United Methodist background allow him to see past the "churchy" people effect. The church has no walls, and is rooted in Jesus, the bible- not something else that man has created. Pastor Glen enjoys taking walks with his wife Janet, supporting his kids freshest endeavors, and most of all serving Jesus by leading Cross Point Family Church to the cross by means of love, servitude, and grace.


Worship and Youth Pastor

Zach is a passionate believer with a heart for worship. He leads worship and coordinates all youth activities with the help of a great church family and support system. This guy has been around the block a few times and offers great vision to the local church as well as a genuine approach to God's throne during worship service. "I'm an open book, I've got nothing to hide. It's my mission to love Jesus and the people I encounter with a fierce grace. I just want to love people and honor God with my life. I'm still learning and growing, as we all are- and it can be hard to show the love we desire, that Christ wants from us- But it's easier to do when you realize- It's not about me, it's about Him. I believe God can do anything- NOTHING is impossible with God. My dreams for Cross Point, for loving the community and growing the Kingdom, they are huge. I've never been so excited in my life to be a part of something like this and actually answering God's call." Zach has the gift of music and the ability to inspire people like very few can. You'll see what we're talking about when you meet this dude. He's got a beautiful wife, Amanda, 4 sons, Malachai, Uriah, Zion, and Titus! He loves his family dearly. Ask him about his testimony. He also loves food, to cook, sports, to hunt and fish, and be outside amidst the wondrous creation and beauty God bestows over the earth.





John Ridgeway - President
Tyler Stubbs - Vice President
Ann Chalfant - Treasurer

Stacey Lyman - Secretary

Zach Pfantz

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300 Garfield St SW, Bondurant, IA 50035, USA