Cross Point Family Church is a place where you can be you. A place where it doesn't matter where you came from or what you've done. We are here to love you, not judge you. We exist to literally be the hands and feet of Jesus. We're called to serve, and that's a big part of who we are. We have a simple approach, but a challenging one: Love Jesus, Love People. It's one thing to talk about, it's an entirely different thing to carry out the action that God instructs us to do. We want to be a part of your life, to build you up, to love you- think of us as a big family. We've got your back. This life can be tough enough on our own- but we are NOT alone. Journey with us as we seek to know God more and humbly serve the community and it's precious dwellers, out of the Love and Grace we've received from Jesus Christ. 

You can expect modern worship, with hymns scattered throughout- an acoustic driven feel, driven by a passion to love and know Jesus more. You'll feel the authenticity. 

You can expect to hear messages directly inspired by the bible, and a heavy use of scripture. You will be challenged to grow, challenged to love deeper, and make some lasting relationships. You'll be refreshed.

Bring your kids to worship. We won't shun you for bringing kids into service,

we encourage it- (not to  mention Jesus said it Himself - Mark 10:14)

They learn by example and by hearing too!

We also have a nursery when needed.

We don't claim to be perfect. None of us are better than another. We are one church, one community, serving one God. We are broken people, sinners, who are in need of Grace daily- just trying to live our lives the best we can because of, through, and for Jesus. We already know the end of the story, it's just a matter of getting there together.

The name of our church means this: Pointing to the Cross by Reflecting God's Love. Our lives and actions at Cross Point are always working to live out the Great Commandment.


We’ve all got a story and a past- but we all have a future too. We don’t care how you dress or how many tattoos you’ve got. Not one of us are perfect. Come as you are and let’s journey together. We believe God has amazing things planned for this community, the world, and you. There is an abundance of hope and grace, given freely. We’ve got a spot reserved just for you. Join us.

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Summertime in the park

We are excited to worship in Bondurant's City Park again this summer! Bring a chair and a friend to worship under the trees! Join us, Sundays at 9:00am beginning June 6!

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/Oralabor RD.



1 service: Sunday @ 9am

Fellowship @ 10am

We meet at Za-Ga-Zig Shrine in Altoona!  


1100 Shriner's Parkway
Altoona, IA 50009

James 4:8 -  Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.


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