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Pre-K to College

At Cross Point Family Church, there are plenty of ways your children can be involved. Children, no matter the age are encouraged to worship WITH their parents- kids will be kids, and that's just life- we won't condemn your family for bringing young kids into service, we encourage it! Nursery available during worship and Sunday school classes after service are available so kids can learn at their own level- There's a plethora of opportunities throughout the year to serve and have fun in small groups, community, and other events. All for a greater purpose- Gods glory, and to create Jesus followers and people lovers out of our kids.


FIERCE is our premier flagship youth ministry, our most community focused youth program that we offer during weeknights, and we offer special events as well. This would be referred to as "youth group". It's a blast!

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Grown up kids

From small groups, to mom groups, mens groups and retro groups- There is something for everyone, at every part of the Christian faith walk. Whether just starting out exploring, or have been a Jesus follower for years. From special interests like sports or food- to bible studies, and ways to serve- we're growing and always open to new ways to serve and people to step up. We want you to be encouraged and grow, and build relationships that are deep and rooted in the love and grace of Christ. We want you (and so does Jesus) to be equipped to give grace and share your heart in the community so that more people may know Jesus.


Music and more

During our service, you'll hear and be a part of an authentic worship experience. This is a huge part of allowing our hearts to open up and seek God during our service, as He speaks to us. We lift praise, become broken for our sins, we are refreshed, and we can feel that- we can feel the presence of God, the Holy Spirit with and in us. If you are a gifted musician or vocalist, AND you are called- reach out! There are also other ways to serve in our worship service: Greeters, ushers for communion and offering, creating church documents, and others things.

Giving Back

Don't see something that intrigues you? Let us know what ideas you have. We are all about finding creative ways to love people because of our love for Jesus.

Every Saturday, rain or shine, the members of Team Tough head out to serve the homeless community of the metro area. They hand out food, winter gear, bug spray, sunscreen, t-shirts, and even shoes and tents. Learn more about their ministry by clicking below! 

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Serve Africa

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Serve Africa is a faith-based nonprofit organization that provides empowerment opportunities and critically needed services to poor village pastors and orphans and underprivileged children living under deplorable conditions in Liberia/Africa. We love their ministry and their hearts! Learn more about how you can help: 


Team Tough